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2016 World Brewers Cup Champion

Tetsu Kasuya

Born in 1984 in Ibaraki Prefecture, Representative of Philocoffea.After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School, he joined an IT venture company.

During a hospital stay due to the onset of type 1 diabetes, he discovered his passion for coffee. In 2016, with just three years of experience, he became the first Asian world champion at the World Brewers Cup, an internationally renowned competition for coffee brewing techniques.

Renowned for his skills in training and mentoring, he guided his student to become a world champion in 2018. Kasuya's original hand drip method, the "4:6 Method," is widely supported by coffee enthusiasts and professional baristas around the world.

Currently, he leads the coffee industry both domestically and internationally through product development with major companies like FamilyMart and Nestlé, training top baristas worldwide, and sharing information on his YouTube channel "TETSU KASUYA World Brewers Cup Champion."

He is also the author of "Anyone Can Do It! Delicious Coffee with the World's Best 4:6 Method" and "Illustrated Coffee for Beginners."

"Freedom in Coffee

The Best is Yours to Define"

- Tetsu Kasuya

Course Features

Exclusive Content From the World Champion 

The Path to World Champion

After entering the coffee industry, it only took Tetsu three years to win the World Brewers Cup, making him the first Asian barista to achieve this honor. You will gain direct access to his unique & captivating coffee philosophy.

Essential Concepts in Specialty Coffee

For beginners, the varietals, origins, processing, and coffee flavor can seem complex. Tetsu simplifies these concepts, allowing you to quickly grasp the essentials. If you're already a coffee expert, you'll learn his insights into coffee trends.

Golden Recipe 
4:6 Method

The core concept of the 4:6 Method is to make delicious coffee brewing recipe accessible to everyone. To date, there are nearly 6 million search results for the 4:6 Method online, proving its popularity. Tetsu will teach you the logic behind the golden recipe

Latest Release:
The Hybrid Method

The Hybrid Method has broken the conventional use of the Hario Switch, leading not only to a buying frenzy for this tool, but also to its use by many baristas who have successfully applied this method in competitions.

Fundamental Framework

Tetsu will walk you through the underlying logic and framework behind the 4:6 & Hybrid Methods, allowing you to adjust parameters based on your flavor preferences and master flexible coffee brewing skills.

Coffee Brewing Adjustment

What is the best way to brew coffee if your beans have been sitting for over a month? How should you adjust for dark versus light roast beans? In this class, Tetsu will demonstrate adjustment for the first time.

Kasuya Tetsu's First Online Course Facing The Globe

The Secret to Brewing Delicious Coffee

Many think that pour over requires high skills, as if only those with artisan-like precision in pouring can make delicious coffee.

However, Tetsu Kasuya has a different perspective. His 4:6 Method has revolutionised home brewing by making it simple and accessible, without needing special skills or equipment.

Discover the secrets to brewing delicious coffee with Tetsu Kasuya, the first Asian World Coffee Brewing Champion.  This course offers 33 lessons where Tetsu himself teaches both the 4:6 Brewing Method and his innovative Hybrid Method.

These techniques have been adopted globally in competitions and are designed to enhance your coffee brewing experience, understanding of flavor nuances, and professional standards.

Moreover, you will be able to significantly enhance your coffee, and achieving the following :

・Enhance your perception and appreciation of coffee
・Improve your professional standards in coffee brewing
・Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
・Strengthen coffee sales and brand influence

Join our community and elevate your coffee experience with this comprehensive online course.

Course Content

This course is divided into two main sections. The first section includes Chapters 1 to 5, covering essentials for beginners from the journey of a World Champion to the teaching of the 4:6 Brewing Method. This section comprises 5 chapters and 19 lessons.

The second section is suited for those who want to learn more advanced knowledge and establish their own brewing framework. It includes studying the variables in pour over, Tetsu's newly developed Hybrid Method, and demonstrations on adjusting brewing parameters based on the coffee beans. This section contains 3 chapters and 14 lessons.




Who is This Course For

Explore New Possibilities in The Coffee Industry
  • Coffee enthusiasts who want to brew delicious coffee at home
  • Baristas looking to improve their skills or those aspiring to become baristas
  • Cafe Owners
  • Barista who want to participate in coffee competitions
  • Coffee industry professionals seeking to deepen their brewing knowledge

World Competition Barista Coaching

Since 2017, Tetsu Kasuya has been coaching coffee competitors from around the world, becoming a globally recognized top barista and elite coach. Baristas he has coached include:

Emi Fukahori (Switzerland), the 2018 World Brewing Champion and the first female world champion in history.

Ryan Wibawa (Indonesian representative), third place in the 2024 World Brewing Competition.

Erik Liao, the 2024 Taiwan Brewing Competition champion.

Hikaru Ono, the 2022 Japan Brewing Competition champion.

Daiki Hatateyama (Japanese representative), runner-up in the 2021 World Brewing Competition.

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Become a super learner

Product supervised by tetsu kasuya

Tetsu Kasuya x FAMIMA CAFÉ

Accumulated Sales Exceeding 60 million

Brand Ambassador

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NESCAFÉ  Brand Ambassador

The product「香味焙煎 DIP STYLE」was developed under the supervision of Tetsu Kasuya.
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HARIO Brand Ambassador

Numerous products were developed under the supervision of Tetsu Kasuya, ranging from kettle, dripper, cupping tools and many others. 
tetsu kasuya's specialty coffee brand


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Shapo 船橋店

Coffee stand supervised by tetsu kasuya


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Questions Frequently Asked

What are the differences between the price plans?
For LITE Plan, you have access to Lessons 1 - 19. This plan is suitable for coffee beginners, providing foundational knowledge for specialty coffee and mastering the golden formula - the 4:6 method.

On the other hand, the PRO Plan grants you access to all lessons. This plan is suitable for students who have experience in the brewing coffee. You will further learn about the variables in coffee brewing and how to adjust the taste of your coffee. 

If you have budget considerations, you can also sign up for a monthly drip and unlock 6 lessons every month. However, please note that terminating the monthly payment before completing 5 months will result in the termination of course access.
What is the language used in this course?
This online course is taught in Japanese, with subtitles available in English, Chinese and Japanese. You can select your preferred subtitle language by clicking the CC button at the bottom right corner of the course video.
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You will enjoy lifetime access to the course during World Barista Academy operational period.
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